From Our Pastor

I have been married to an amazing woman, Christie, for over 15 years now. We currently have 4 children ranging from 13 years old to just a few years old. Caleb is intelligent, Courtney is energetic, Katelynne is sweet, and  Carter is all boy.

I graduated from Crown College in Knoxville, TN. with a Masters in Ministry. During my final year of school, God placed an unmistakable burden on my heart to plant a church in Delaware. As soon as I moved to Delaware, I began working at a moving company. We did not split off of an existing church. We were so convinced that God would meet our needs, that we choose not to raise financial support. Three weeks after moving to Delaware we held our first service in the living room of our rented home. Our first fight was over who got to sit on the comfy couch, and who got the plastic chairs. I wish that I could somehow convey how thrilling it was to witness the birth of The Bridge!

Many things have changed since the early days. We are no longer sitting on lawn chairs or meeting in a living room, but we have never lost the desire that God would do something miraculous through this body of believers. I am a far from a perfect Pastor or person for that matter. In fact I have claimed for my life the song the children used to sing in Sunday School, “He's still working on Me.” As He continues to work, I have given my heart without reserve or regret to: 
1. That God that gave himself for me. 
2. The Family that God has blessed me with. 
3. To Serve People, “All People” 
4. To Passionately Preach the Truth of Gods Word as long as he gives me breath. 

For such a time as this,

Pastor Shane Lankford

Welcome from the Pastor